2024 Market Outlook

2024 Market Data and 2024 Outlook

The 2024 Market Outlook for the 4 million square feet of commercial office space in Downtown Long Beach, (CBD) for Class A and Class B buildings, continues to face significant downward market pressures.  This was spurred on by post COVID uncertainties and high vacancy which hit an all-time high of 29% at year end. This downward trend began slowly way back in 2021. On the other hand, there are bright spots where space is being re-used for academia, arts, innovation and non-profit based collaborations.  This is occurring throughout the city.


The 2024 market outlook for Long Beach Downtown office space will be dismal for the remainder of the 2024 calendar year. Vacancy will continue to rise, and hemorrhaging will continue.  Lease rates will continue to decline especially in the older and Class B building category. New tenants to downtown are taking advantage of the current market which will face additional pressure through 2024. Some Class B plus office building renovations such as 180 E Ocean, 200 Pine Ave. and 211 Ocean Bl are largely benefiting from a flight to quality and the strong pair-down-trade-up trend expected to continue through this year. This trend will have positive effect for the only three Class A projects in the CBD. But World Trade Center, Shoreline and especially Landmark Square have big occupancy holes they have to dig out of first.


The additional 4 million square feet of office space in Suburban Long Beach tells a totally different story especially the near zero vacancy at Douglas Park adjacent to the Long Beach airport. As a whole this market is stable and hovering at 15% vacancy average overall.